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Date: 2019-08-03
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In the full-service customization boom, anyone wants a piece of cake, but who can take the lead? Benway is absolutely the lowest-key one, but it is also the most stable bathroom enterprises to take the lead. Don't believe it? Look at that!


The July grand event of building materials industry - Guangzhou Construction Expo, in which Pavilion 9.3 in Area B of the Expo under construction, has created the first full-service customized Pavilion in the country. The establishment of full-service customization hall represents the full landing of bathroom customization, represents the new start of Guangdong full-service customization manufacturers, and enters a new lane of rapid development.

Full-service customization has become the hottest topic in the bathroom industry nowadays. Every major bathroom brand has followed closely in product design. As the pioneer of stainless steel industry, Benway Ware has been standing in the industry for more than 20 years, and is one of the best.


Benway Birth

Founded in 1996, it has been going on steadily for 23 years. Benway is a large professional bathroom enterprise focusing on R&D, design, production and sales of stainless steel bathroom cabinets and shower house products. In 2019, with its own strong brand strength and innovative spirit of exploration, the brand image has been further enhanced and the market has more competitive advantages; brand trademarks and terminal stores have been upgraded and built in an all-round way, and enterprises have a more modern, quality and international sense from inside to outside.



In the aspect of product innovation design, we pay attention to humanistic flavor, at the same time, we also devote ourselves to the exploration and reform of bathroom culture. Quanwei always pays attention to the trend of the market trend, constantly launches new products that the vast number of consumers strive to pursue, adheres to the "green environmental protection" as its responsibility, to bring consumers a "quality, environmental protection, durable" perfect bathroom experience.


Consumers are gradually taking the post-90s generation as the main force. Consumers have a higher demand for personalized bathroom space, which requires more subdivision. Therefore, the introduction of "non-standard customization" service by Pinwei can better meet the needs of current seniors. New breakthroughs have been made in product color, size, function and space customization, so that consumers can enjoy the ultimate privacy. Customized bathroom space.


Color customization

Consumers'home style is changing, and consumers' preferences vary from person to person. Benway can meet the needs of consumers by changing the color and texture of products to cater to the home style.



In its new products launched this year, it is bold to quote the bright colors of international brands, elegant gold and gray systems, which are frequently used with its strong inclusiveness, softening the rigidity of metal, and adding a lot of fresh breath to the bathroom.



Dimension customization

In addition to color, Pinwei can also customize its size and provide free door-to-door measuring service.


If encounter L-shaped, concave, column position and other special-shaped space, the guard can achieve the perfection of space by cutting angle.



Function customization

When the function of the bathroom cabinet can not meet the needs of daily life, it can also expand the storage space by adding the main cabinet unit or the mirror cabinet, so as to maximize the use of the bathroom space.

Especially in details, Benway has achieved the ultimate, providing customized desktop, ceramic basin, hardware accessories, bathroom mirror customization and other customized services.



Space customization

Benway provides customized space services for customers, according to the actual situation of each bathroom space and the whole house home style, color and other carefully planned, so that the bathroom space can be perfectly integrated into the atmosphere of the home space, creating a high-quality bathroom space suitable for customers'habits and needs.



Through the three-dimensional home design software, it achieves fast drawing efficiency, vivid effect display, and 720 degree all-around satellite view, so that customers can see the face of the future home in advance.



In 2019, the research and development team of quality and health has been expanding, the product system has been enriched, and the environmental protection performance has been improved day by day. Benway, with its own strength, leads stainless steel bathroom in the trend of customization, laughing at the wind and clouds!


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