Why is a stainless steel bathroom cabinet so expensive? Pingwei tells you the truth!

Many customers will ask:

"Why are your products so much more expensive than others? "


In fact, cheap products only reduce costs.

The material is a little bit inferior, the technology is not good, the design is a little bit random,

The warranty period is a little short, can save a little is a little...

Another customer said, "the bathroom cabinet of the so-and-so brand,

Be similar with you, somebody else also not so expensive!"


There is no harm without comparison,

Some things look the same on the outside.

It's actually quite different.

So, where is the bathroom ark that goods defends?


In the base material


All stainless steel cabinet

Stainless steel, known as the real green foundation of the 21st century,

No formaldehyde, no pollution, truly meet people's environmental protection home,

Healthy living needs.

Stainless steel has stable performance and is not afraid of humidity.

No deformation, no cracking, no mildew.


Quality hardware accessories

Select well-known brand Austrian bailong and DTC hardware accessories,

Cushion door hinge, mute guide, even if closed violently,

No noise, no damage to door panels and cabinets.


High-grade mesa

Heat-resistant, cold-resistant, scratch-resistant and dirty,

No cracking, no sinking, easy to handle.


Green fogproof mirror

The lens image is fresh and clear, and the mist is fast.

You get what you pay for, good quality base material,

The product that dosage is sufficient, the price cannot come down naturally.

In the process


Technology of stainless steel polycrystalline composite board

Diversify the texture and color of the panel,

Visually no longer gives a cold feeling,

Wood grain, wave line, 3D relief...

Choose from dozens of different patterns.


Dig ditches technology

Select 0.8mm thick plate, dig the pit before bending it,

Make the line of each board more lively,

The corners are more straight, the angles are more vertical, and the seams are tighter.


ABS Angle protection technology

Bathroom cabinet put oneself in another's position, cupboard door, mirror ark

ABS Angle protection is provided at all corners,

The wet slippery environment of the toilet was fully considered.

Avoid accidental scratches,

It also improves the aesthetics of the corners.


Assembling process

Assembled with stainless steel screws,

There is no welding spot from inside to outside, the structure is firm, concise and beautiful.

With advanced technology, every detail is elaborately crafted,

Only for the achievement of a set of bathroom cabinets to your satisfaction.

In the design


Art and design

Light and luxurious, modern and simple, are the characteristics of product of quality health.

Full-bodied art simple sense, come for the person that pursues grade life.


Functional design

According to the living habits of Chinese people, clean,

The optimal layout of storage and storage functions.


Ergonomic design

Tailored for the height of consumers in different regions,

Make the product more user friendly, not user friendly.


Non-standard custom

According to the home furnishing style,

Use habits and color preference to customize exclusive products,

After all, what suits you is the best.

In the service

30 years warranty

The warranty period of wooden bathroom cabinet is 1-5 years.

A few are in 5-10 years, article wei stainless steel bathroom ark can use 30 years.

Lifelong VIP service

Visit customers regularly for free cleaning, maintenance.

The charm of the product itself is the original intention of your purchase.

We hope to win your loyalty with our service.

The last

I would like to say a few words to the customers who are going to buy wooden bathroom cabinets:

If you regret, you are welcome to come to me at any time!

If you think our bathroom cabinets are good,

But for the time being,

Welcome you to introduce to the friends around!

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