This year's hot decoration, no titanium, not light luxury


Titanium gold

Is the darling of modern fashion home design

It is also one of the favorite elements of home decoration of designers

Especially in the current fashion of luxury

More widely used



It's delicate, bright and shiny

Properly applied to the interior space

Not only can you add a sense of sophistication to your family

And it brings you unexpected elegance



A sense of home

It has little to do with its size and luxury

But the beauty of temperament emanating from the inside out

Always hit the softest corner of the center bottom inadvertently



And titanium

It's such a kind of decoration element that people can't stop


Shining gold

Can add some warmth to the plain space

In interior design

Designers often use the special material and luster of titanium

To highlight the overall tone of the restaurant

Make it more lively, interesting, warm and flexible



Titanium metal has the cold hardness of steel

Without losing the literary and artistic temperament infiltrated in the bone

In the collision with wood, glass, ceramics and other elements

Can also deduce different beauty


Marble with rich texture and luxurious temperament

It's the soul CP of titanium



One cold and proud, one warm

They complement each other

Not only shows a trend leading design style

The artistic presentation of quality life style




However, titanium as a unique decorative element

Mostly in the form of a small amount of embellishment

All kinds of unique picture frames, cabinet door handles, fine chairs, etc

Make the space full of luxury style, more elegant visual experience


Titanium can be used in any style tone

Whether it's classical, Nordic or new Chinese

Or in the modern industrial wind

Can be used to sublimate space style

Practical and beautiful




It sparkles with charming metallic texture

Just a little bit of embellishment at home

You can have a luxury field that can't be ignored

While highlighting the visual focus, it perfectly takes into account the degree of harmony




Skillfully use titanium to enhance temperament

Seems to have become a trend of home decoration

It's very restrained and luxurious and low-key

Want to build a modern home full of advanced feeling

So we're going to move titanium home



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